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The process  conducted by a qualified SAP is as follows:

  • We will meet for an initial face-to-face evaluation, where I will get to know you and your situation, and I will use an approved assessment tool. Based upon our meeting I will make a recommendation for treatment and/or education.  I will send an initial evaluation report to the DER (Designated Employee Representative) of your employer where you had your violation, whether you are currently employed with them or not.
  • I will provide you with an approved treatment provider, and help assist you in arranging for those services.
  • I will maintain regular contact with the treatment provider to monitor your treatment progress and your level of participation in the program.
  • We will meet for a follow-up face-to-face evaluation, including the use of the approved assessment tool, to determine if you have complied with my recommendations, and to measure the success of the treatment.  If you are in compliance with my recommendations, I will send a follow-up report to the DER of the employer, including my recommendations for a program of aftercare if necessary and the follow-up testing schedule.

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